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With over 200 wine types in varying sizes, it is no surprise we have not tasted all of them. But last week we sipped an Italian Amarone by KenRidge Showcase.  Wow. Unique as anything we’ve ever tasted. Better? Depends on the taster. It is a deep and rich red wine produced from varying combinations of three Italian grapes grown in Northern Italy : dried corvina, Rondinella and Malinara. 

Vineco describes the kit as follows:

"Alcohol Vol: 13.5.
Almost black in colour and a nose of spice, tar and dried berries. Rich flavours of dried fruit and prunes typical of wines made from dried grapes. Robust pastas, braised meats and hearty beef stews pair well with this smooth wine. Includes premium Hungarian oak.

Food Pairing Suggestion:
Lamb, Game, Beef"

Sometimes we get some strange questions, which we like to refer to as Bloopers. Here’s a few phone calls that qualify:

"Good morning – Moonshiners. How can I help you?"

-"I don’t think my hydrometer is working."

"Why is that? What’s it reading?"

-"Hard to tell, it’s leaning at an angle."

"Leaning? Where?"

-"In a cup of wine…"

"But Sir, it has to be allowed to float!"


"Good morning – Moonshiners. How can I help you?"

-"What is acid blend?"

"Its a blend of malic, tartaric and citric acids. Its used to balance acid levels in wine making.

-"Why does my recipy call for it?"

"Some fruits are low acid (strawberries for example). Wthout it, you will get a very bland wine."

-"But I only have citric at home."

"Well, you wouldn’t want a wine that tastes like lemons would you?"

-"That’s ok, I’ll see what happens."


"Good morning – Moonshiners. How can I help you?"

-"I have a wine recipy that is asking me to put raw egg white into the wine, why is that?"

"The recipy must be very old. They were used to help clear homemade wine a long time ago."

-"Does it work?"

"Somewhat.  But not nearly as well as the products that exist now. Remember 50 years ago there were few wine stores like ours – and in the rural areas there were none."

-"I’ll do it the old way and see what happens."