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Recently, Vineco (our principle supplier) has been deleting certain types of wine kits. For example, one will find Merlot in 7.5L kits in European Select, California Connoisseur and Cellar Craft Classique. They are shortening the list and we are ready.

Take advantage while you can of $10 savings on a number of 7.5L kits while supplies last. As of this date, there are 25 kits marked down. Once they are gone, its done!

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Are you paying a hidden tax called Business assessment? It’s a hidden tax – courtesy of the City of Winnipeg. Here’s how it works:

Every year we get a City Business Tax Assessement based on our rent. But wait – the assessement references rental "value" not actual rent. The letter goes on to say : "[the notice] reflects the average market rents for commercial space similar to your premise, and includes the cost of providing heat and other services necessary for the comfortable use or occupancy of the premises."

That means actual rent, heat, hydro, telephone, internet, snow removal and more. At last reading, the rate was 8.75% of all the above and this tax is over and above the $4 000+ or property taxes we already pay. There is more – they seem to include the taxes on those services in the calculation! Taxed on taxes?

In the end, whenever you spend in Winnipeg, you are paying for this. When I asked for the street in front of our shop to be fixed (barely possible in the spring and a dust cloud in the summer) I was told to phone public works!