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You have probably heard the expression M.S.R.P. ("Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price").  This is a price suggested by the manufacturer for it’s clients to sell at the retail level. Having browsed the internet to see what other outlets such as ours are up to, we found that most were at or near the M.S.R.P.

At Moonshiners, we pride ourselves in our every day low prices. We have our "Best Price Guarantee" posted here.

Below you’ll find a sampling of the value the manufacturer attributes to its product for retail sale, and the price listed for that product at Moonshiners:

Product M.S.R.P Moonshiners
Cellar Craft Showcase 16L Viognier 150.95 119.95
Cellar Craft Showcase 18L Cabernet 164.95 119.95
KenRidge Showcase 16L Chardonnay 113.95 91.95
KenRidge Showcase 16L Shiraz 118.95 93.95
Legacy 16L Gewurtztraminer 102.95 82.95
Legacy 16L Cabernet Sauvignon 108.95 87.95
KenRidge Classic 10L Chardonnay 69.95 61.95
KenRidge Classic 10L Trilogy 77.95 63.95
California Connoisseur 7.5L Pinot Chardonnay 58.95 49.95
California Connoisseur 7.5L Merlot 63.95 49.95
Niagara Mist 7.5L, any type 61.95 49.95
Brew Canada Beer kits 19.95 16.95

So, what’s the scoop here?

Fairly simple actually. Stores which are near or at the M.S.R.P. will invest a few dollars on in-store signs saying $8-$10-$12 off. All too often customers think they have a "deal", "sale" or "special" and buy and brag to the spouse!

If we followed that scenario we could print a $30 off sign for Cellar Craft Showcase 18L Cabernet and rip off the customer by $15.00! How’s that for a "deal"?