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In the spirit of the festive season, I will not go to full rant mode. But there is one thing, what are marketing people thinking? Black Friday??

There was a time when we had Boxing Day + the odd other sale. Now we have Boxing Day in July, Cyber Monday, Red Thursday, 4 day Black Friday sales… How about Stampede Tuesday?

According to surveys, up to 50% of Canadians said they intended to shop last Friday. So we are not about to slam our own customers who may have survived the stampeeds. Whatever it is you needed, hopefully it was at a good price. Good thing you were not in that Walmart in the U.S where one customer pepper-sprayed another in line to advance that one critical spot in line.

And CBC Marketplace reported last week that many companies boost the prices as their flyers go out and then slap a 50% discount (sounds better than 25%).

Which brings us to the main point. I don’t shop at the LC, but I do pick up empty boxes to store our recycled bottles. Can’t help but look around at prices.

Conclusion: At Moonshiners, we have "Black Friday" prices all year ’round, and at a savings of 80% +/-. We post our prices so you can compare easily, and we don’t jerrymander prices to make deals sound better.

We have hundreds of readers to spread the word. Maybe that way you can get your moochers to make it on their own.