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Last week’s question:

What is Liebfraumilch? A grape, a blend, a brand or a town?

Answer: It is not a grape or a town, but a brand and a blend.

The best known brand is simply Liebfraumlich which also comes as Blue Nun! Liebfraumilch means ‘milk from a maiden’. Really, A spinster? And a sad nun? What gives?

German laws specify that these wines must be made of at least 70% Sylvaner and/or Riesling. Blended with other types, it is therefore a blend.

These German wines are well known, but as a wine producer, Germany is relatively small. At approximately 200 000 acres, it represents 10% of the total area in France or Spain or Italy.

We stock many Liebfraumilchs, Rieslings and even a Muller- Thurgau, originally grown in Switzerland but now grown mostly in Germany. It’s a white wine meant for the "discriminating palate".

Next week: We will introduce "The Original All Juicetm pure juice". In a 23L format, it requires no water added. They are a premium product from 6 different countries. Who knows, we may even offer a credit for the 25L pails it comes in. More to come.

Trivia: Why do the Belgians produce dozens if not hundreds of beers?

Answer – Easy, The whole country (11 million) produces about 2 million bottles of wine per year. Ouch! 15 ounces per capita!