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What are legs of wine?

When you swirl a glass of wine, you will notice clear lines flowing down from the top of your glass. These are alcohol legs as alcohol, being lighter than water, will cappilarize up the glass. As the wine ages, some of the alcohol in the wine will turn into glycerine, a product of the interaction between water in the wine, alcohol and many other compounds found in the wine. These legs will be longer lasting. Hello Bette Davis!!

What are diamonds of wine?

They are crystals you may find at the bottom of your wine bottles at times. Some people find them annoying. They are not. They are simply a by-product of wine aging. Some wine contain an extra amount of malic acid. Fermented wine in the aging process takes care of that. It is called malo-lactic fermentation whereby the wine will precipitate excess malic acid. Usually this takes place between the 3rd and 6th month after bottling. Commercial wines will chill the wine to just above freezing to ensure the process will be rushed. At home, where many wines are consumed before the process starts, it can be troublesome. What did you do wrong? Answer: Nothing!

Oops time

The saying goes "patience is a virtue"…

A fellow comes in and examines the essence shelves.

Q – What does "Vanilla Vodka" taste like?
A – Vodka and vanilla!

Q – What is Kahlua?
A – A Mexican drink – coffee based.
Q – Does it have a coffee taste?