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Beermakers – Coming soon, super sale : Buy 2 get 1 free on select Morgans’s Beers:

Morgan’s Canadian Light
Morgan’s Canadian Lager
Morgan’s Canadian Pilsner
Morgan’s Canadian Blonde

Sale will start thisweek, once the product arrives. We’ll be sure to announce when the truck pulls up!

Q: Which kind of filter pads do I use?
A: There are 3 types: coarse, fine and polishing. Usually a fine set of pads will do a good job. But, if you have a wine which is unusually cloudy or a full bodied red, a coarse filter pad should be used. Finally, in order to give a white wine that crystal clear look, a polishing filter pad can be used to make it really sparkle.

Q: What does best before (BB) mean?
A: "Nothing much really. It is useful when dealing with meats and veggies but then you will know if the bananas are turning brown! It is mostly a "precaution". Wine kits do not have a BB, they have a date of packaging. In our industry, only some beer kits have a BB date, usually 3 years from packaging date. As it is always boiled to the hilt, it will not have any live bacteria. As far as yeast is concerned, they also have a BB date. Fine but yeast under proper conditions (dry/cool) can remain dormant for centuries. How else could one explain that an Egyptologist scrapped beer sediment recovered from a 5 000 year old pyramid, and was able to brew a batch of beer with it?


We always try hard to properly answer questions, but there are times when the question itself doesn’t make sense… here’s a funny example

Q: Do you have any alcoholmeters that go above 100?
A: No. Measuring ABV is alcohol by volume as a percentage. It’s not possible for alcohol to be above 100% of the contents of a solution.