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The Vinometer – For those wine makers who think they have everything! A very simple little instrument which measures the alcohol content of a finished wine. Yes, your hydrometer will tell you what potential alcohol should be when you measure at the start of your fermentation. But then, not everyone pays attention. The vinometer is simple as are the instructions. Reds are very easy to read, whites depend on your vision. Nothing a drop of red food colouring can't fix. Accurate within 1/10th of a percentage point. $6.95

Why have "special orders" in your price list? Quite simple. We are always concerned about the age of production on our wine kits. Presently we deal with only 2 suppliers. but then, here is an example: there are 10 Merlot and Merlot blend wine kits here. When you split any market in 10 you risk aging and therefore quality. With many other suppliers available, we could easily have 20+ Merlot types. But then ??

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Beer and Wine Special

Selected California Connousseur and European Select kits for $39.95, while supplies last.

Selected Morgan's beers: Buy 2 and get the 3rd for free! Sale from supplier, passed on to our customers!