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I confess: cooking, cleaning, baking and your's truely are like oil and water.

So here goes somebody else's ideas. We carry over 100 sizes and types of liqueur essences in both Liquor Quik and Prestige lines.

Although these are used primarily to flavour alcohol bases, there are many other uses. We have them all from A to X (Amaretto to X.O. Brandy).

Who says you have to pay extra to have an amaretto cake or a dark rum coffee. We recommend using the Prestige 50 ml bottle. They are meant to flavour 2.5 26 oz bottles. So even if you use 5 or 10 ml for baking or whatever, you will still be able to flavour 2 26oz bottles. Here are a few hints:

Specialty coffees: Add a few drops of your favourite essence to a cup of your preferred coffee. Sugar to taste and even whipped cream to top off.

Syrups: Boil 2 cups of sugar in 1 cup of water and add a 20ml bottle of your favourite essense (1 oz glycerine to thicken). Makes excellent toppings on crepes, pancakes, waffles, french toast. You could have a collection for cheap.

Baking: Why go to a specialized bakery for a specialty cake or doughnuts? Add a few drops of your favourite flavour to your recipe and voila! The same goes for jams. Chocolate and even salsas!

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Not betting the farm, but summer may come yet.  You can make your own root beer for 21 cents per 500ml (+sugar) by using our root beer essence. Originally called Hires Root Beer, it is now Royal Root Beer.

Furthermore, you can make them in your own plastic bottles, any size you may put in recycling.