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These are just brand names for pure grain alcohol. There are many others. It is easily avaialble in the U.S. at a very low price. Not so in Canada. The only product close to it is sold in Quebec. That one is 70% ABV.

Everclear and Clear Spring are 190 proof (U.S. term) or 95% ABV. Now here is the scoop. Coming back from the U.S., you can bring back 1 – 40oz bottle of the product. A trucker could bring back a bottle each trip. So maybe you haven't surfed Google to make your own alcohol base. Not a problem – that's where these high ABV products come in. It is not recommended to drink them as supplied – 95% is too high for consumption!

In order to make liqueurs, it must be cut by about 4, and by around 2.5 to get an ABV of a whisky, rum or vodka. That means that a 40oz bottle of Everclear becomes approximately 160oz of base alcohol for Amaretto (for example). This means that you should have enough base alcohol for about 6 – 26oz bottles of liqueur from a single 40oz bottle of Everclear! It's been a few years, but last time I picked one up it was under $16 CAD! Not bad! That's about $2.45 per bottle for the base alcohol.

For ideas on how to use your finished liqueur in baking, see our April 21/14 blog.