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Now who would write about this or even brag about it?

At Moonshiners, we pride ourselves in offering quality wine kits made from juices imported from around the world at the best prices. We look for ways to ensure fresh stock and good variety. We've got pricing covered with our low regular prices and our "Best Price Guarantee". This is where we will beat any advertised price on products we carry. There have been a number of times where and advertised sale by a competitor would have required us to raise our price to match it! Shoppers… be smart!

For 30 years now I've been preaching patience and planning. We often have customers come in when they are down to their last half dozen bottles of wine in storage. That likely means that before their next batch is even bottled, there will be none left. M.L.C.C. says thank you very much while you purchase a few bottles until your latest batch is ready.

This is where a little planning can save you some money. If you start the next batch when you are down to a single batch, you not only save yourself some trips to the M.L.C.C., but also might have extra aging on your wine! You get a better value for your money – aged wine is better than young, while saving money by staying away from the M.L.C.C.

See the difference for yourself: put aside a half dozen bottles from your next batch, and leave it for a year without touching it. The difference will quickly become evident – especially if you've chosen a wine kit from a line like Cellar Craft Showcase. The only cost of the improved quality is a little planning and patience. We can't sell the patience, but we'll help with the planning free of charge.