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Pure bull!! The proof is in the pudding. Have you been at a large grocery store just past closing time? The store timer kicks in and produces a light mist over the fresh produce. The mist contains sulphites – primarily potassium metabisulphite, in order to prevent fungus or air borne bacteria from reproducing their cells on the vegetables, thereby preventing "browning of the veggies".

Or have you heard of someone complaining of headache after consuming red wine but not white wine? The problem is not with sulphites as white wine contains way more sulphites than red wines. It may just be a case of having one or two too many. And then there is the example of wine drinkers experiencing serious reactions to red wines, and not white wines. The explanation is tannic acid. Some people, and we have 2-3 customers, who can't tolerate tannin. They turn beat red in no time.

Back to sulphites. The process of fermentation itself produces sulphites. So does your body. Sulphites are a "sterilizer", very efficient ones.

Finally, think about this. A typical red wine contains 200 mg of sulphite per litre. The same volume of dried apricots contain 3 000 – 3 500 mg per litre!