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There was a time when we carried wine kits called Red Bordeaux, Red Burgundy, Chablis etc. These names had been put on the kits by Canadian wine kit manufacturers. But the French objected. This was based on very strict French regulations called "Appelations Controllees". These regulations control the preparation of wines from grape type, region, process etc. So the Canadian kit industry came up with a not so original idea. Call them Bordailles, Bourgeron, and Chamblaise respectively.

Now the Italians have gotten into it too. That means more name changes coming. Example, Chianti is gone but will be called Sangiovese. The latter being a grape, the former a region. Chianti is a small region in North Western Italy. Barolo is a region as well and the primary grape used is Nebbiolo.

Are there any more changes? Unlikely as most of the wine kits we carry are labelled according to the grape used.

Barolo – Soon Nebbiolo is most interesting as wine grapes go. Also from North Western Italy. This grape is grown in a very small area. The soil is    heavy     clay and  the grapes   rippen late in  the season meaning temperatures can sometimes  go down or even halt fermantation thereby producing a sweet Barolo But technology has solved this "glitch".

Will you continue to see Barolo and Chianti in the wine stores? Of course! Wines produced from those regions can still use the names.


1- What is Chenin Blanc?

It is a white grape – a cousin of Sauvignon Blanc which originated in the Loire Valley in France then transported to South Africa by French Huguenots when they were "booted" out of France. Today South Africa is the world's largest producer of Chenin Blanc.

2- Why is it that retail stores (such as ours) sell their malt beer kits for $16.95 – $19.95?

Box stores do sell "beer kits" for $10.95 – $12.95 but they are not pure malt extract – mainly malt syrups which   are  far cheaper to produce and end up producing a rather bland beer!