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Water does not make a diference in kit wine.

Wow! Granted all kit wines contain the same minerals and compounds as original juice. Afterall, condensing the grape juice to a lesser volume does not remove any solids. But all kits, except the pure juice ones, require the addition of water. All batches are 23L, this means anywhere between 5 and 15 L of water added.

Which water? Fortunately, Winnipeg has a pleantiful supply of good water, especially since the water treatment plants were upgraded a few years ago. Except for a few "brown water episodes" related to old pipes being flushed, we are luckier than many insofar as our quality of water is concerned.

Then there is artisian well water. This is water that is trapped between two stratas (rock). When one drills beyond the first strata, the water starts to flow out. Simply because it comes from western Ontario and has taken dozens, maybe decades in years to travel the 200km to Winnipeg. It is absolutely clear and clean.

Next comes "surface wells". These are well dug to a depth of 10-30ft, depending on the level of the water table. They provide ample amounts of water. In the old days, they were lined with wood. Now, usually cement bricks. Depending on location they can be a reliable source of water. Think about a ranch with no streams in the sumemr and no artisian well. But there is a dowside and that depends on location. These wells can contain surface contaminants, fertilizers etc. Not to mention being too close to a barnyard. It's called e-coli.

So water is of key importance.