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Ever wondered which country (countries) lead the world in wine production?

You may be surprised. Here are some numbers based on 2013 production.

Remember, the numbers here are presented in hectolitres (100 litres)

So you may have thought France was #1. Not so, here are the numbers for the top eleven:

Italy: 44 900
Spain 42 700
France: 42 016
U.S: 22 000
Chili: 14 984
Australia: 12 800
China: 11 700
South Africa: 10 972
Germany: 6 740
Portugal: 6 400
Russia: 4 276

So what gives here? The Italians love their powerful red wines with pastas, the French wash down their "baguettes". The Spaniards??? The U.S.? They sell it to Canada as do the Australians.

What about Canada? Just like the United Nations we are lumped in with the category "rest of the world".