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A spade is a spade!

A scam is a scam!

A van is a van!

Which of these does not fit in?

The first two are correct, no exceptions. the third is not. I drive a 2004 Dodge Rust Bucket and my sons drive 2013 vans – not the same.

Now to the point: the above aplies to wine kits and 23L pure "juices" as well and there are scams going on. We have touched on this before. Why is it that you can buy a "wine kit" for $30.00 and one for $75.00? Simple. One has a little bit of grape juice and lots of added sugar and some food colouring for reds. And then there are the 23L of juice for under $50. Really? Here is the scoop. To make 23L of "pure juice" you need 2-3 cases of grapes at a cost of $22-26 each depending on the year. The scam is simple. Get a 7kg kit, add some sugar, place it in a pail and fill with water. Presto, you have a 23L kit.

Do compaies actually get away with this? They sure do, otherwise they wouldn't be in business!

On another topic:

What else is there out there?

A super special, yes we don't have many of them but, here it is:

Cellar Craft Sterling 12L

The reds come with a 1kg grape pack and the whites are soft and aromatic.

We only have about 20 +/- kits available. Price reduced by $15.00 while supplies last.