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Sales – Specials – Clearance…

We could write a book on this topic. Having been here for over 30 years, we have seen a lot of the above – with more to come. Fortunately Canada Post and Advertizing companies do not descriminate – we get advertizing, flyers etc like everyone else.

And then the eyebrows go up. Take a good look at the following table – what do you think?

Product Their "Sale Price" Their Regular Price Our Year 'Round Price
California Connoisseur Cab Sauv $49.99 $56.99 $49.95
KenRidge Classic Merlot $60.99 $68.99 $63.95*
Legacy Montepulciano $84.99 $97.99 $87.95*
California Connoisseur Bergamais $48.99 $55.99 $49.95

(*price matching applies)

But as the infommercials say "But wait, there's more! Order now and we'll double the offer." So, we'll double the information.

California Connoisseur, Legacy, KenRidge Classic and others all have 15-24 varieties in each line. So that means that when 3-4 are on sale, the others are not – hence regular prices (got ya). If you do not want the Montepulciano but something else, sorry buddy! So we can't match our KenRidge Classic Cabernet Sauvignon against the "sale" price of a KenRidge Classic Shiraz – we won't be suckered!

We will match if it's the same product, of course. We have our price matching policy on the front door, and on the website so you can see we are price matching every day.

On a final note – a humourous one: a customer comes in and asks us to match a price on a product on sale. Fair enough! We offer in jest to match the price by raising ours by $4!