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Guess what? There is a price war on wine kits going on in Winnipeg. Must be the "Giving Season".

Almost all of our brands are on special elsewhere; regular price 20% higher but special prices lower than our regular.

We will not be undersold – no way.

So, our California Connoisseur, Legacy, Cheekey Monkey and KenRidge Classic wine kits are also on special for a price below any advertised price! Take note!

Prices range for a brand by varietal:
California Connoisseur sale prices $39.95 – $48.95
KenRidge Classic sale price $60.95
Cheekey Monkey sale prices $61.95-66.95
Legacy sale prices $71.95 – 88.95

And no, we don't have conditions such as "while supplies last" or "not necessarily available at all stores". Instead, we will take a raincheck should we run out and call you when in, at the posted special price.