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  1. You now have a batch of young wine, sometimes called "green wine". As you know, wine improves with age, more bang for your dollars. Why not order another one when you pick up? That way your wine will age and you will increase your satisfaction. Added bonus: If you order your next batch when picking up, you will save a trip!! Enough gas to buy a stocking stuffer.
  2. In our U-Brew, do we offer other services? Yes! Labels are one example. Some kits have labels included, some don't. We have a selection of labels to suit your taste.
  3. How about bottles when I come in? You are welcome to bring your own, or you can buy new bottles here ($12.95/dozen). If you bring in used bottles, we have a very good washer that can clean and sterilze 30 bottles in about 10 minutes. Note: the washer can't remove labels, so we suggest removing old labels ahead of time.