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Since September 2015, we have operated a U-Brew for our wine-making customers. In that time, I have had chances to sample may different types and brands. After all, painful as it might be, someone has to execute the onerous task of quality control!

Types and brands do vary a lot. Each kit has a different combination of grapes, soil and preparation which provide their own character the final product.  Below, you can find my favourites so far. As one might expect, all 6 favourites are ones in the higher end brands. For descriptions of each wine, please see the "Wine Types" section on the website, or stop in for a brochure!

The top 6 Red Wines (opinion of course!)

1. Cellar Craft Showcase Malbec
2. Cellar Craft Showcase Carmenere
3. Fontana International Chianti
4. Fontana Complete Chianti
5. Fontana International Amarone
6. Cellar Craft Showcase Rosso Fortissimo

Armand Bedard