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Sweet wine and fruity wine – what is the difference?

Are your taste buds and palate playing tricks on you? It can be quite easy to confuse the two. There are so many different types of grapes out there. Each possesses its own particularities – high tannin, low tannin, dark red, medium red, light bodied, full bodied and it goes on.

As we make wine in the U-Brew, I get a chance to sip brands and types not tasted before. After all, someone has to do it.

Many times, sweetness and fuitiness come into play.

Or do they? The answer is no. All the wines that leave the U-Brew are considered white, based on hydrometer reading. Hydrometers measure sugar content and do not lie.

Example- 'Finished' Amarone (North Italy) seems sweet. It is not – just fruity.

Which leaves us where? enjoy the fruity ones – best of both worlds!

Armand Bedard