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Well it's that time of year again. The snow is starting to disappear, and everyone's making their wines in anticipation of good weather ahead. So naturally, Vineco has delighted us with their limited release Niagara Mist wines!

We often get requests for a watermelon flavoured Niagara Mist, and Vineco's one it. This year, we've got 2 exciting limited release Niagara Mist wines! Melon berry mist is available now, and in just a couple short weeks, April will bring…

Last year Pineapple Coconut showed up as a limited release, and proved very popular. It sold out very quickly for us, and Vineco ran out of supply quickly as well!

These products tend to disappear fast, so get them while supplies last!

Available at our everyday price on Niagara Mist, a city-best $54.95.