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Sales, Specials, Disconts!

Not Just in the business we are in, but everywhere one finds these words overused and abused.

We have perused the internet (and some of our customers do as well and peek elsewhere). They provide us with information. Take a look at this table of regular prices collected.

(Regular Price)
(Regular price)
Ken Ridge Classic        $67.95        $76.95
Cheeky Monkey        $70.95        $81.95
Atmosphere                                      $102.95       $113.95
Cellar Craft (Showcase)       $134.95       $154.95
23L pure (Fontana)       $116.95      don't have
Legacy        $93.95        $98.95

Now for the "sales".

What if Cheeky Monkey is 10% off? That still comes to $73.76!
And Cellar Craft Showcase, a wonderful product at $10.00 off? Still $10.00 more than our regular price.

Why not go to our menu and read our match and beat policy? We will not be undersold on the same product advertised elesewhere.