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Have you ever gone to get a bottle from your wine rack only to notice a sediment deposit?

Don't fear! This is perfectly normal, and completely harmless. Here is what you're actually seeing…

Potassium Bitartrate Crystals (AKA Wine Diamonds):
These little salt-like crystals can often seem to appear out of nowhere. This happens when the tartaric acid concentration is too high for the wine and so the acid forms crystals and they "fall out" of the wine. This most commonly occurs with grape wines made with fresh grapes.

Protein can appear as a whispy, dust-like formation. Just like the tartaric acid, the protein concentration may be too high for the wine. The proteins most commonly come from the tannins in the grape skins and can appear even months after bottling.

Can I get rid of the sediment? Yes. You certainly can go through the clearing process a second time, and a rebottling of your wine. But is it really worth it? No. The sediments that appear in your wine post-bottling are perfectly harmless, they will not inhibit the taste or quality of your wine.