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Too good to be true?

It isnt!

By using our u-brew (u-vint) facility which includes use of often needed equipment you can make your labour worth $250/$350 per hour (depending on the quality of wine you choose). That's $3.00 to $5.50 per bottle when we do the leg work/using our u-brew.

For a fee we do all the work (transfering, cleaning, filtering,etc…). Basically everything but the bottling.
You may also want to fancy up your bottles by labeling (custom labels also available) and using plastic shrink capsules for that professional touch- and don't worry, we have a machine for that too; and no, it's not a heat gun.

Even more we supply corks, a commercial-automatic bottle washer as well as automatic bottler filler and corker.

Why not tell a friend, relative, pet, etc… They will thank you for it! 

From now until the end of the month quote "Moonshiners August Blog" to receive $10.00 off your first bottling fee.

Do we sell wine kits ranging from the high $30.00's to the high $40.00's? No. We respect our clients and do not sell any "dgres".